Los músicos también reaccionaron contra las políticas de inmigración de Donald Trump

¡Ellos no se quedaron callados!

El mundo entero se expresó contra la polémica directiva del Gobierno de Donald Trump de separar a padres e hijos inmigrantes cuando cruzan ilegalmente la frontera de México a Estados Unidos; y los músicos no podían quedarse callados. Así reaccionaron:

No heart. No compassion. No humanity. Words can’t express what I’m feeling right now; seeing pictures of children in cages after crossing the American boarder put there by Trump and the administration, seeing busses made for infants to be taken away from their parents as young as 8 months. In some cases parents don’t even know that their kids have been taken away, since they are told by officers “they’re just going for a bath” or “a nap”. But the worst: how supporters of this cruelty think that a child without papers is not worthy safety, that you somehow give up all your rights as a person cause you’re leaving a country of violence. How some people so easily can dehumanize CHILDREN being ripped from their FAMILIES is beyond me. Call your senators at +1 202 224 3121 and tell them you support the “keeping family’s together act 3036” Even if you don’t live in USA, just name a state you know and they will put you thru. So much shit is going on in our world today, but this is really the least you can do to help. Please call. If you have anxiety about talking to people over the phone, don’t worry! They connect you to a bot. Or go to (American civil liberties union) or (kids in need of defense) for donating. Every penny matters.

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