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Puede que seas feliz… ❤️

A través de su cuenta de Instagram, Camila Cabello compartió un mensaje muy especial con sus seguidores. “Todos pasamos por lo mismo y estamos tratando de resolverlo; ninguno de nosotros está exento de estrés, ansiedad, tristeza, dolor e innumerables luchas internas, ya sean momentos o más que solo momentos...” comenzó escribiendo la cantante. En la foto se puede ver escrito a mano un mantra que expresa: “Puede que seas feliz, que seas fuerte, que sientas que perteneces, que seas libre de sufrimiento. Que puedas conocer La Paz.” 

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all of us go through the same things and are trying to figure it out - none of us are exempt from stress, anxiety, sadness, pain, and countless other internal struggles, whether it’s moments of it, or longer than just moments - for me, i suffered from anxiety so much that I had no choice but to change, to look for different tools that could help me, because it was bringing me so much pain- the last few months especially, I’ve worked so hard on this and am experiencing so much growth - which means, to anybody struggling, that growth and change is completely possible ! But today I just want to share this loving kindness meditation that is my favorite thing I’ve learned so far- because it’s easy to forget in our own struggles (I’ve been guilty of this and that’s why I love this particular practice so much) that everybody around us, and on this planet is fighting their own battle, and is feeling their own pain - some at a way more excruciating level than others, and therefore, EVERYBODY, even the people that most piss you off, are in DESPERATE need of love and kindness - I hope you try this practice today : for 10 minutes I breathe and picture somebody I love and say these phrases, I picture them happy and smiling as if it’s the best day of their lives, I picture them sad and wish them with all my heart that they be free from it - then I picture myself and say them about myself, then someone I’m not as close to (or someone you don’t get along with so much), and then I picture all the humans on the planet, and then all animals and living beings too- it really makes me feel connected and not alone , because the truth is - we never are, we’re all in it together . ❤️

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